Why logo masks are better than baseball caps

  • Sep 25, 2020

Logo masks are the new hat!


I was born a dark haired pale skinned kid from Irish heritage.  Let me tell you that a hat has always been part of my wardrobe.  Me and a 50 watt lightbulb can get along but past that, I get burned up like a dumpster full of last year's Christmas trees next to the "smoking door" of a bar! Hats have played an integral part of my OG PPE.  I own about 25 hats, if you ask my wife its 1200 but in reality out of 25, I only wear a handful.  You see, hats, like most wearables,  are subjective .  Some people like Pro style wool baseball caps while others like a trucker or a visor (the visor never made sense to me). Fit, color, style, logo/brand and fabrication all play a role in hat selection the same way I think it does for shoes, tees and jeans.  I now understand why it takes some people a hour to get dressed every day...comfort.  


Starting in March of 2020, Me, I have long been a "boonie" or ball cap kind of a guy.  Long sleeves, a hat, shades and quart of SPF 50 and I am ready for a walk around the block. That is until 2020 hit.  Since COIVD, living in Chicago, my PPE need has increased by one. Illinois requires a mask.


According to my research, here are some statistics about logo caps (team or corporate related branding)

 1. 69% of U.S. consumers own a branded hat.


2. An average logoed hat earns 3,400 impressions over its lifetime.

3. Promotional headwear is kept an average of 10 months.

4. A hat that costs $10 has a cost-per-impression of only 3/10 of one cent.

5. One-third of men wear a promo hat weekly or more often.

6. 63% of consumers keep promotional hats because they’re attractive.


These are pre Covid-19 numbers.  Now that much of the US is wearing a mask, kids, men and women constantly in public, here are some numbers based on a similar construct

 1. 100% of consumers are wearing a mask every day


2. The average mask costs $10 on the high end and can last months

3. Granted masks need washing so say each person only wears your logo mask 3 time per week for 4 months, that is 48 days (often much of the day)

3. If the average person wearing a mask is seem by only 20 different people a day, A mask worn three times a week for 4 months is 960 people seeing you logo

4. At a cost of $10, your cost impression is $0.0104

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